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 Family Complaint Format

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PostSubject: Family Complaint Format   Wed Jun 03, 2015 6:29 pm

The Family complaint format is to use against a family/ memberS inside of the family which have been rulebreaking or done something wrong inside of the faction.

Roleplay Name(s):
Reason of complaint:
Proof of Rulebreaking:

(If not clear inside of the complaint then please give us the rule they was breaking at the time + try to use images in your proof)

Family is what you need to give us so we know what family you're complaining. The roleplay name(s) will help us to know who has been rulebreaking. The reason of complaint is what they have done wrong and the proof of rulebreaking is what rules they have been breaking and show more proof i.e images of them doing this.
Thanks Mao.
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Family Complaint Format
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