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 Crenshaw Mafia Bloods

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Johnny Albert

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PostSubject: Crenshaw Mafia Bloods   Sat Jun 06, 2015 1:29 pm

Family Name:Albert's Crime Family
Family Leader: Johnny Albert
Co-Leaders: N/A
Background Story of the Family(750+ words):

Crenshaw Mafia Bloods is a gang affiliated with the loosely structured alliance known as the "Bloods". Gangs that are apart of the alliance are known to walk around with rags or accessories the are coloured in red or burgundy. The Bloods have a well documented rivalry with another loosely structured alliance known as the "Crips", known to be one of the most brutal gang rivalries within the states of America. Crenshaw Mafia is a Blood set that contains influence in one of Los Santos' south-central neighbourhoods known as Crenshaw Boulevard, found in the Jefferson district. The set adopts many features from the general Blood gang, sporting red and using "Blood Literature" which mainly consists of replacing words that begin with a 'C' with a 'B'. This gang also continues the usual trait of animosity towards members of Crip sets or any other gang that tries to challenge the sets sense of reputation.

Story line...

Chapter 01 "The Past"

Crenshaw Mafia... A once well known gang that had a very strong sense of control in the streets of south-central Los Santos. Spawned in Crenshaw Boulevard, the Blood set was run by their "OG" Pako Red. At one point, the gang was recognized as one of the largest criminal-gangs in terms of membership and activity. Along with the Families, Crips and Ballas; Crenshaw Mafia had a known influence with in the narcotics trade of the street... Using young members to distribute drugs such as PCP, DMT and Crack-Cocaine obtained by the higher-ups to the streets of Los Santos. With that said, members of the gang would frequently fall into altercations with the government and its law enforcement agency known as the Los Santos Police Department. Unfortunately, members were not resistant to the chances of being prisoned or killed in the process. As they continued to conduct criminal-activities within Los Santos, their power and popularity grew further; going as far as to be recognized as a threat by the San Andreas National Guards and U.S. Army. Matter of fact, some gang members remain in high security prisons such as the desert based DeMorgan for life sentences.

However, Crenshaw Mafia's domination soon came to an unfortunate end. How you ask? It's pretty simple... Their mind, their brain and their "OG" known as Pako Red disappeared. Some say he was sentenced to prison whilst others say he's left to Liberty City, no one really knows for sure. What is certain though is that after his sudden disappearance, the Crenshaw based Blood set soon began to lose its dominance and power. Without their "OG" to call the shots, no one really knew what to do. Some suggested themselves as the new "OG" but others would disagree, causing conflict within the set. At their weakened state, the LSPD managed to prison most of the members that were affiliated with the set; breaking them down even more. Soon, the remaining gangbangers decided to either turn their life around and move away, or stay and watch the set as it died. What a tragic story wouldn't you say?

Chapter 02 "A Hood Legend"

After a few years, Crenshaw Mafia Bloods dissolved along with the activity around the Jefferson based streets. The remaining members ended up looking into other paths; changing their lives... Example being "Myth" who was once a high-power within the set become a mechanic who ran his own garage and "Joint" who ended up putting in "legit" work for the San Andreas News Agency; eventually becoming a Network Executive.

As you can tell, they all lived their own lives and what was Crenshaw Mafia soon became a long-forgotten "hood legend". In their apparent absent, other gangs saw the empty Jefferson area as a place to rise to prominance; an example being the Rollin' Height Kings. That's not all, the Grove Street Families also increased its dominance over the south-central area and soon became an unstoppable force. It seemed that every street gang gained an advantage from Crenshaw Mafia dissolving. However it doesn't end here, other gangs would begin to disrespect and talk negatively about Crenshaw Mafia, seeing how it fell to the ground as soon as its OG disappeared; in many ways it was very pitiful.

Chapter 03 "Gangsta Turnt Nobody"

What happens when one moves forward in life, do they look back to their past or forward to their awaiting obstacles? Can one miss the life they once had or look forward to the life they will have? Is moving on really what makes a person happy or does it leave them with emptiness and regret? Well, that goes for former Crenshaw Mafia member "Myth". He was one of Pak's "right hand guys", helping out in his schemes and teaching young members their way of life. After Crenshaw Mafia withered away, Myth used all the money he had to run his own business known as "Myth's Garage". He gave "legal life" a chance and decided to move forward, away from the gang-crazed life he once lived. However not all went well as planned, his business was not making as much profit as he wished and in short, was not sustainable for the long run. He was having a hard time paying for the bills to his home in Crenshaw and the maintenance for his garage. On top of that, he felt ashamed of himself. He who used to be a well-respected "gangsta" soon became a deplorable mechanic who ran a business that was only awaiting its failure. During those days of despair, Myth would live his life feeling empty and fixing cars.

Myth wasn't the only former-member that lived a hollow life, a once young member known as Joint "Joint" Coston also felt the same way. After fourteen years of working, Joint became the Network Executive of the San Andreas News Agency. He exchanged his past, "rag-repping" life for a more relaxed, suit oriented life. He was almost the complete opposite to his former self, the only thing that remained was the name. However, just like Myth, Joint did not enjoy his current life as much as you'd think. He missed his old life in which he felt he lived for a reason. The reason may be unclear but Joint knew that there used to be a reason for him living. Now he feels that he's become one of the many bland, lifeless businessmen that inhabit Los Santos. With that said, he left his position within the agency to someone he believed would be suitable and began to look for a new purpose.

After a few months, Myth decided to put his garage-business on hiatus, closing it down temporarily. He spent a few days in his home in Crenshaw becoming nothing more than a sorrow alcoholic. The fact that he still lived in the "old hood" made it even worse.

Chapter 04 "Livin' Life Old School"

After a while, both men who were jobless ended up searching for new reasons to live. Myth would cruise around Crenshaw Boulevard, getting high off the nostalgia he'd feel; reminiscing about his younger days. However one day, Myth discovered the new street gangs that'd use the Jefferson district as their hoods. Rollin' Height Kings, one of the new gangs that used a street closer to Crenshaw Boulevard as their place of activity. Myth along with another former-member known as "Lama" stumbled upon the gang as they cruised around the area. Due to the history Crenshaw Mafia had in the area, the duo did not like the idea of a "new gang" taking over the street. Myth who was friends with their OG, "JK" called him up for a meeting at the Ten Green Bottles. After calling him up, Myth tried to contact other members he still knew, only successfully contacting "Joint". Joint agreed to meet Myth along with "JK" at Ten Green Bottles once he knew of the scenario; unsurprisingly he did not like the idea either. The three talked for a long time over some drinks but soon it was made clear that "JK" did not like the idea of relocating to a different turf. Other members of the RHK came into the bar and as they outnumbered Myth and Joint, "JK" bestowed upon them a threat in which he did not want to see their faces in Crenshaw ever again.

With their..
With their failed attempt in keeping Crenshaw Boulevard neutral from gang activity, the duo decided it was about time they picked up their rags again; once again entering the war-crazed life of gangbanging. Their plan was to rebuild the Crenshaw Mafia Bloods set to claim the area. However, it was easier said than done. It has been around ten years since the two had been involved with gang activity and as one can assume, they were a little rusty in their acts. This did not stop them though, and they decided to hunt down the former members of the set that still remained in Los Santos. With that said, along with Lama, they found a respected former member known as Sarah as well as known former Bounty Hunter Bloods member 'Wayne. The group decided to find local "youngins" to build a new generation of Crenshaw Mafia Bloods.

Chapter 05 "Bigger, Better, Badder"

As time passed, the set slowly gained a lot more members; most being troubled teenagers who were trapped in the life of poverty that the older members once lived. In comparison, the new set was bigger in terms of membership to the old one. With the benefit of more members, the Bloods decided to indent their presence in Los Santos like they once did in the distant past. Crenshaw Mafia targeted gangs such as the Grove Street Families and Rollin' Height Kings for their recipients to drive-bys, shootouts and "hood-vandalism". As one can tell, this has provoked a gang war between the gangs and It's a matter of competition to see who's the more dominant gang of Los Santos. The new incarnation of the Crenshaw Mafia Bloods has been involved in more activity than it has ever been, also a subject to documentation by the Los Santos Police Department.

Chapter 06 "Niggas From Brenshaw"

Some say actions speak louder than words, but don't words have the ability to move people? That is thought that came as a realization to the higher members of Crenshaw Mafia. Lately the gang has been subject to frequent altercations with the Los Santos, most being based on the stereotypes enforced to its members. Crenshaw Mafia sees itself as a family in which people who share the same pain and suffering of poverty come together to protect each other and prosper. With that said, the higher ups decided to form a Hip-Hip rap group called "NFB" (Niggas From Brenshaw). Their goal was to materialize their reality and reflect it to the public, to broadcast the struggles and pain of "Thug Life". The gang has worked in putting together a "makeshift" studio in which they'll use to create music. They are currently in the midst of finding talent within the set.

Chapter 07 "War in Los Santos"
Crenshaw Mafia soon reached a peak in its levels of dominance within south-central Los Santos. However during this period of time, the Grove Street Families and Rollin' Height Kings were involved in an intense gang-war against the Crenshaw Mafia Bloods. To cope with this intense struggle, Crenshaw Mafia had established a strong alliance with the Glen Park Ballas; forming the "B' N' B' Connection". With this partnership, the two gangs competed in animalistic shootouts with the Grove Street Families; gaining multiple casualties in both sides. After around, three months of premeditated murder and planned ambushing, all gangs involved had shown their fatigue in terms of membership and activity. To deal a "finishing blow" to the Grove Street Families, Crenshaw Mafia decided to focus their attacks on the "higher-ups" of the gang, trying to take out the Families' brains. This plan soon came into birth and succeeded, the rivalry with Grove Street had ended and word spread that a new "OG" took over the Grove Street set. As of currently they are considered to be neautral.

Crenshaw Mafia's second focus was set on the Rollin' Height Kings, who were more closer to the Mafia's hood; claiming the other side to Crenshaw Boulevard. The Blood's tactics to defeat the Rollin' Height Kings was different, proving to be much more ruthless and direct. Members of the Crenshaw Mafia Gang would "occupy" the RHK's neighborhood, if they came in contact with any of their members; they'd attack the members. The Rollin' Height Kings however, did not take these tactics too kindly and retaliated with just as much of determination and force. After months of fighting, both gangs soon began to fade away into the Jefferson District. Crenshaw Mafia's, along with Rollin' Heights King's activity in the area reached their lowest documented numbers of activity; this is what dissolved the rivalry between the two gangs. In addition, Crenshaw Mafia now holds more dominance in the Jefferson area.

Chapter 08 "HNIC Gone Missing"

The "OG" of the set, known as Myth had a long, defining history with alcohol. At times, Myth could be seen as very depressed when reflecting upon his gang-riddled life; often turning to Alcohol. After months of an easy, relaxed atmosphere in Crenshaw Boulevard, a close member of the gang was killed during an altercation with the Los Santos Police Department. After a few days of mourning, the members resumed as normal but Myth, a man who had seen things like this happen hundreds of times before; went on a little "trip" of depression. One day, at night he left the neighborhood during a "block party" that was made to celebrate the set's deceased members. Myth got behind the wheel of his 1964 Chevy' Impala; drunk. After about two hours of driving, Myth was the cause of a chain of accidents in the Mulholland Intersection, in which he was hospitalized.

This left Myth in a coma which lasted for three months. Upon regaining his conciousness, he remained in hospital to heal the multiple bone fractures he had suffered from. During his absence, the Crenshaw Mafia Bloods were often rendered as the targets for the Los Santos Police Department, due to the gang wars they were involved in. Due to the oppression, many members decided to "lay low", moving away to other areas. The remaining members of the gang however, kept their "foot down" and fought back, most notable members being RoRo', Lama', Big Mac', Lucky and the then-returning Joint (who had left to Vice City to settle his own "family business"). Progression had haulted for the Bloods and it seemed as if they were only delaying the inevitable.

Chapter 09 "Straight Outta' All Saints"

Just when Crenshaw Mafia entered its "dark days", members were ready to surrender to what seemed to be their fate; incarceration. However word got out that Myth was to be making a return to the 'hood through his brother and fellow member, RoRo'. Members decided to continue fighting back, calling up those that had fled. The set was in a process of getting itself back onto its feet. Soon after these rumours were created, they had become facts. Myth made his return to the 'hood and the set began to function like it did before, returning to their previous dominance within the Jefferson District.

This leads us to the present day, in which Crenshaw Mafia continues to act on their beliefs and keep safe; the 'hood they inhabit.

-Credits to Johnny Albert

Rank names:
Veteran Bloods -r6
Crown Hunnas -r5
Certified Bloods -r4
Forum Bloods -r3
Hustlers -r2
Young Bloods(Youngins) -r1

Skin 1: example : Skin ID 124
Skin 2: example : Skin ID 125
Skin 3: example : Skin ID 126
Skin 4: example : Skin ID 127
Skin 5: example : Skin ID 164
Skin 6: example : Skin ID 165
(Make sure that none of the skins you want are taken , the admins will approve of the skins are being used or not. Make sure the skins are relevant to the gang being created)

Car 1: Sultan Color Red
Car 2:  Sultan Color Red
Car 3: BF 400 Red
Car 4: BF 400 Red
Car 5: Huntely Red
Car 6: Huntely Red
Car 7: Stretch Red
Car 8: Mevrich Red
(make the cars also relevant to the gang being created)


INTERIOR HQ ID : 17 493.390991,-22.722799,1000.679687
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PostSubject: Re: Crenshaw Mafia Bloods   Sat Jun 06, 2015 1:46 pm

Probably the best application i've seen to be honest.


Note: Please been patient and dont spam IG for the family to be created.
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Crenshaw Mafia Bloods
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