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 Gang Creation

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PostSubject: Gang Creation   Sun Jul 19, 2015 11:46 am

My name is Steve
Name in the game : Steve_Escobar
Age : 19
Live in san Andres
I want open family
family name : EscobarFamily

"EscobarFamily Mafia"

I want to open the family "EscobarFamilyMafia" Because me and my friends want to do war with other gangs and i have good RP.

Mafia Ranks name:
Rank 1:newb
Rank 2:spion
Rank 3:Driver
Rank 4:General
Rank 5:RightHand
Rank 6:Boss

The Story
I was born in 1986. After seven years when my sister was killed in the Gang war, i decided to pay back, to make my own Gang and take wars to be the dangerouses Mafia boss ever, who everyone fare.

Mafia Skins ID:
1.Girl skin ID:12
2.Girl skin ID:172
Rank 1 skin ID:272
Rank 2 skin ID:292
Rank 3 skin ID:240
Rank 4 skin ID:223
Rank 5 skin ID:125
Rank 6 skin ID:111

Family color : Blue

Family cars :

1. ID: 579 x3 Huntley
2. ID: 409 x1 Stretch
3. ID: 487 x1 Maverick
4. ID: 580 x1 Stafford

Family members:
TheBoss: Steve_Escobar
Member 1. Mike_Dell
Member 2. Hector_Brand
Member 3.soon
Member 4.soon
Member 5.soon
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Gang Creation
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